#MixtapeAddict | Interview w/ @AmariMar

The Mixtape Addict squad sat down with the homie « Amari Mar » originally from New York. He recently dropped a new video called « Holy Sh!t« , which is produced by Act Won, off his album « Grand Rising » available HERE. Check out the interview with Amari below :

  • Who is your all time favorite DJ ?

I might have to give that up to Premo real talk. He’s dope on the ones and two’s, has produced classic joints for a lot of artists and him and Guru made some classics together.

  • When was the first time you heard about a mixtape ? And do you have a favorite mixtape ?

I remember seeing different mixtape covers and people selling them on the streets back in the mid to late 90’s. I remember Ron G and Kid Capri dropping mixtapes but It wasn’t till DJ Clue started dropping his mixtapes that I started peeping game and taking noticed. One of my personal favorite mixtapes from him was the one he dropped with Canibus in ’96 or ’97.

  • Can you tell us more about your album « Grand Rising » ?

Grand Rising is a soulful album that takes you on a journey while  enjoying the ride. It’s an encouraging uplifted album while at the same time giving you food for thought and higher awareness. 

  • What are your plans to get bigger in the future with your music ?

I’m just going to keep working on music and find unique ways to promote and market myself. As long as I’m breathing I’m always learning.  

  • To you, how important is entrepreneurship as an independent artist ?

I believe entrepreneurship is something that every independent artist should try to strive for, not just an artist but anybody for that matter that is serious about entrepreneurship and generating and building wealth.

  • Who’s your favorite hip-hop entrepreneur ?

I don’t have a personal favorite but I do respect people like Jay-Z, Master P, Nipsey Hussle, Kanye, Dr Dre, 50, Nas and what they brought and added to the game. I respect how they went against the odds and defied gravity on their own terms.

  • How did that collab with Kool G Rap happened for your 2012 mixtape ?

I reached out to his management team at the time and once they put me on to G Rap, I spoke with him and told him I wanted him to be part of the mixtape. We worked things out and as they say the rest was history.

  • Do you think that the OG’s of this hip-hop culture are getting enough respect and credits ?

I believe the respect is there but it could be a lot better in my opinion. You have some of the younger generations that either don’t know the history or they think it’s not too cool to give props to the OGs or they feel they don’t owe them that respect for whatever reason. But respect goes both ways from both parties. I come from the era where you can be nice at what you do and still give people their props that came before you or even after. You can be competitive without being egotistical.

  • What’s your recipe to make a good project from start to finish ?

I don’t think there’s any special formula but I think just having a great ear for song sequencing and putting together a tracklist as far as knowing which songs can play right after each other that can tell a overall story of what the album is about. Even when I listen to other artists’ music, sometimes I can hear myself saying they should have let this song go towards the end of the album or that song should have went in the beginning before this song you know what I mean?

  • If you had to pick two of your fav producers to work on a EP who would you choose ?

It’s hard just to pick two, there are a lot of dope producers I would love to work with. But if I had to pick 2, I would go with Pete Rock and DJ Premier.

  • What’s your relationship with other Brooklyn Indy artists ? Do you guys build together ?

For the most part I’m cool with other indie artist from Brooklyn but I find myself building and working with other artist outside of NYC and overseas. I work with a select few but it doesn’t matter where you from, as long as the vibe and energy is right and I can see myself working with you then I f*cks with you.

  • If you had 3 words to define yourself as an artist, what would you say ?

Positive, Authentic, Visionary.  

  • Do you have any words of advice for the young upcoming artists ?

Just stay true to who you are and be yourself. Don’t give up and compromise your integrity just to fit in with the in crowd. Your vibe will attract those who genuinely wants to be around you and vice versa.


IG : @Amari_Marvelous | TWITTER : @AmariMar | FACEBOOK : Amari Mar

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