#MixtapeAddict | Interview w/ @Wunda845

Once again Mixtape Addict is back to make a focus on another dope artist. This time let’s meet rapper and entrepreneur Wunda from the NY area where we’ll be talking about hip-hop culture but also basketball and entrepreneurship. Check out Wunda‘s new video « What I’ve Learned« , and the full interview after the jump :

  • Who is your all time favorite DJ ? 

No specific order but DJ A-One, DJ Sho, DJ Sinister Shan, DJ Intense, DJ Fur.E, DJ Nicatene, DJ Tom Styles, DJ Diaz, DJ Funkmaster Flex.

DJ Sinister Shan « The Best 50 Cent Mixtape Ever Made »

  • When was the first time you heard about a mixtape ? 

Had to be either a old DJ Clue tape, DJ Whoo Kid or DJ Ron G late 90’s early 2000’s. I had a lot of mix DJ’s radio shows recorded on a tape. Static and all just to have that exclusive song before my friends.

DJ Ron G « Dead Presidents » Mixtape

  • How is the mixtape scene in your area and who’s the biggest DJ out there ?

Mixtapes have kind of slowed down in this era, but as far as the club scene DJ Tom Styles and DJ Don Juan as far as my area is concerned are the hottest in the clubs. 

  • How did you get into the hip-hop scene ? What made you want to take it seriously ?

I always had a passion for music as far as I can remember. From recording songs on karaoke machines. To rigging boom boxes to create our own adlibs before anyone else in our are without a studio. To doing one take songs on a voice recorder on my computer in the house. Then one of the first studio’s I recorded at I couldn’t even hear myself until play back. No live vocals. As far as taking it seriously I think after I won a highschool battle I started to develop this new passion for battling. Lead me to being on 106 & Park freestyle Friday. Unfortunately I took an L that day but that put a fire in my belly that took me studio to studio with my boy Boogz, stage to stage with my manager at the time Bruse Wane and helped me build the confidence to run the hip hop scene from a showcase stand point for 8 years straight in my area. Song writing and song placements in TV, video games, and independent films showed me there’s a whole different side to the music business. That intrigued me. Once I learned that I never looked back because of understanding ownership and residual income.

  • You’re also into basketball, tell people about your basketball league ?

Yeah that’s another passion of mine hoops. When I was young I would consider myself a talented hooper. I only ended up playing freshman basketball because I didn’t agree with my highschool’s politics at the time. But thankfully a man named Dennis Brown (RIP) found me in Samsondale Park in 2000, saw my talents and gave me an opportunity to build a roster and we played in the Rucker, Dyckman, as a few tournaments in the Bronx. It was a #Gr8 experience. That lead to me starting VOH Basketball in 2013. 

  • Who’s the best baller/rapper ? 

If you mean baller that can rap I would say Shaq. He did some legendary songs. New era, Dame Lillard has it on smash.

Shaquille O’Neal

  • Who is your favorite hip-hop entrepreneur and why ?

Master P without a doubt. I specifically remember my friends listening to Queensbridge artists during this time. I was listening to Master P. It was just a different feel of him talking about putting your people’s on and ownership. Now looking at him til this day he’s still doing his thing and putting his people on. He stuck to the script. Some people don’t realize how hard just simply sticking to the script can be.

  • How do you stay creative to satisfy your fanbase ? Where do you find the inspiration ?

I’m always learning and listening so as I learn more and level up, I’m seeing the music is organically doing the same thing. But the passion of music keeps me inspired and the inspiration comes from having creative control. Sometimes just having the space to create is more than you need 

  • If you had to pick two producers to work on a EP ?

OverLook Beats. Who consists of Quest Dollaz and Wiicked Keyzz. I love their sound. I would say at this level I’m at right now I’d probably prefer the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League or Harry Fraud those two are a close second. 

  • What’s your playlist right now? What are you listening to ?

VohPlayHits on Spotify. My league focuses on playing up and coming artists. So when you play in my league not only is their a unique feel from the game, players, coverage, and uniforms but also the sound track of the league will most likely be songs you’ve never heard. I strongly suggest you tap into « The Sounds of the Towns » the VohPlayHits official Playlist of the VOH League.

  • What are your plans to get bigger in the future ? 

Visibility. Taking advantage of social media and our website while furthering our reach in other industries. Basically starting with VohLeague.com while also expanding our other brands and networks organically. Such as MOR Apparel, The MOR Foundation, Never Tuck Your Town Radio, The VohPlayHits website and the VOH League App.

  • What’s the concept of your project « Balltember Bronson » ?

Well Bread Bronson was an alter ego created by DJ Polo P when we were doing mixtapes around 2005-2013. You can find that series on DatPiff. Now I feel like in my musical career I’ve evolved a bit so Balltember Bronson was an introduction to the artistry. Balltember Bronson 2 is more about showcasing some of the many talented artists on our VohPlayHits Playlist while using some of my industry connects to hopefully put them in better positions musically and vice versa. 

« Balltember Bronson 2 »

  • If you had 3 words to define yourself as an artist, what would you say ?

Poetic. Visionary. Wordsmith.

  • Any words of advice for the young upcoming artists ?

Stick to the script. Invest in yourself. Network as much as you can don’t fall into an illusion of « doing it myself ». Unfortunately you’ll learn that everybody can’t go. Everything free isn’t good and all money isn’t good money, but Money Over Rest.

  • Where can people reach you on social media ?

My main page is @Wunda845, my league’s page is @VohBasketball. The apparel page is @Mor_Apparel_US  and our radio show is @NeverTuckYourTownRadio

Our artists page is @VohPlayHits and also follow some of our friends as well: @thablastpodcast @insatiable.productions @24hrbabyllc @last_lifegaming @overlook_beats


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