#MixtapeAddict | Interview w/ @StoopidSwaggoOg

Mixtape Addict is back on another virtual flight. This time let’s go to California to interview the underground phenom born in Memphis : « Stoopid Swagg OG » ! His music is a mix of both sounds from the West and the origins of dirty south rap. Stoopid Swagg OG got the perfect recipe to make your head nod ! Check out his new track « I Done Made A Lot », and the full interview below :

  • Who is your all time favorite DJ ?

My favorite DJ is DJ P Exclusivez !

  • When was the first time you heard about a mixtape ? And do you have a favorite mixtape ? 

Man, LiveMixtapes was my first time with the mixtapes and just all the raw underground music unreleased back in 08/09. DJ Spinatik‘s mixtapes with DJ 5150, it changed the game and myself because I got a few features on the major side and indy side of the LiveMixtapes website.

  • What do you think about the over-saturation of new artists in the music industry ?

Put some of it on me and watch me work, I actually got something to talk about !

  • Who is your favorite hip-hop entrepreneur and why ? 

As of right now Money Man BCF. He’s my idol from street shit to business to music to being self reliant. I mean dude a full fledge powerhouse all the way around 

  • Do you think that streaming platforms are robbing artists from their money ? 

In a way. But you lose money regardless as an artist from streaming to being on a label or management. It’s a dog eat dog world, you will get robbed either way it goes.

  • How long have you been doing music and what keeps you inspired to stay in the marathon ? 

Since 2008/09 but professionally 2015. It’s just my life I can’t quit. My doors are constantly opening so in order to keep them open I can’t close them. The recognition is the fans, the love shown from the DJs and companies, the relationships I build.

  • If you had to pick two producers to make a EP, who would you pick ?

Ikson all I can say is YouTube him, and Tay Keith (Memphis shit).

  • If you could bring back a hip-hop legend from the dead, who would you choose ? 

Bankroll Fresh was my idol, my role model, dude was straight inspiration to me. I got a few tweet backs from him and his team… his sound his swagg, I mean I f*** with this dude the long way, RIP.

  • If you had 3 words to define yourself as an artist, what would you say ? 

Artistic, Humble and Optimistic.

  • What’s next for you ? What are you working on right now ? 

I’m shooting videos for « Keep On Going » and « I Done Made A Lot« . Doing a lot of promotion, marketing and performing once the restrictions go down.

  • Any words of advice for the young upcoming artists ?

Keep on going don’t stop this music game got its ups and downs but don’t quit. You swimming with the shark sand eating with the wolves. Keep ya head up because it’s going to take you down that road mentally, financially and emotionally. It takes a lot of determination and focus to keep going.


TWITTER : @stoopidswaggoOG | INSTAGRAM : @knfdokye

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