#MixtapeAddict | Interview w/ Threal Marchetti @THREALMusic

This time let’s take a flight to the dirty south in Nashville, Tennessee to link up with hip-hop artist Threal Marchetti and talk about the mixtape scene out there, his top 3 MC’s from his city and more… His new EP « Make A Movie » is available everywhere ! Peep the interview below :

Who is your all time favorite DJ ?
  A: I would have to say of all time, DJ Clue and DJ Esco.

You being from Tennessee, who are the top mixtape DJs out there that actually break records and push independent music ?
  A: Far as I know DJ Coop is the most popular in my area of Nashville !

How has the mixtape game evolved in the dirty south the past few years ?
  A: It’s evolved a lot especially when Lil Wayne started dropping his mixtapes. Mixtapes now have become more like « albums before the album ».

DJ Drama & Lil Wayne – Dedication

What gives you the drive to stay consistent as an artist ?
  A: Just the love for music and hip-hop as knowing i’m a dope artist myself, feeling like I have to be just as big as the people I looked up to when I was younger and now.

If you could stay a weekend in the studio to get a EP done with two producers, who would you pick ?

  A: Honestly of I could pick 2 producers it would be TM88 and Metro Boomin. I feel they can produce anything.

Who are your top 3 MCs from Cashville ?
  A: Truthfully… Myself, Starlito, and my potna Bud Dozha.


If you had 3 words to define your music, what would you say ?
  A: Versatile, Original & Real.

Do you have any advice for the upcoming artists ?
  A: Stay focused, keep trying to perfect your sound as well as try new sounds and ways of recording, and learn the business, keep investing in yourself.

What’s the best way to reach out to you and purchase your music ?
  A: I like when fans hit me up personally so through my IG or Twitter honestly. I’ll follow back and chat with you.

What’s next for you ? What are you working on right now ?
  A: What’s next is building my brand more ! Learning more and doing more.. I plan on recording until I can’t no more lol. My next EP is on the way it’s called ‘Fear Kills’ I think it’s a step away from my norm so I’m excited to push it and get it out to the world !

Website : http://www.threalseekers.com/

IG : @threalseekers615 | TWITTER : @threalmusic

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