#MixtapeAddict | Interview w/ MIKE FISH (@fishdaddylover)

Residing in Oakland, California, hip-hop artist Mike Fish has been working his way into the underground scene. He recently dropped his album « Train Tracks » on Bandcamp (and all streaming platforms) and decided to sit down with the Mixtape Addict crew for an exclusive interview :

  • Who is your all time favorite DJ ?

That’s a hard question, because if it’s come down to one DJ, I would have to go with DJ Abilities. His living mixing and scratching blew me away more than anybody I can think of. Runner up would be Scratch Bastid.

DJ Abilities

  • You’re a man of different activities : rapper, producer and founder of Mindscape Productions. What gives you the drive to do all that ?

I love music. I’m a rapper first, but I had to learn how to produce so I could make beats that sounded the way they did in my head; then the production side of things just kind of grew from there. Mindscape was the best name I could think of for all that. 

  • If you could stay a weekend in the studio to get a EP done with two producers, who would you pick ?

The RZA and DJ Premier.

  • You’re now residing in Oakland, California. The bay area is full of history in terms of hip-hop. Who is your favorite MC from the bay ?

Gift of Gab

Gift Of Gab

  • If you had 3 words to define your music, what would you say ?

Real, Raw and Familiar.

  • You’ve just recently released your album « Train Tracks« . What’s your recipe to make a strong album from start to finish ? 

First, a production formula that speaks to my style, an environment that feels dope when writing my rhymes and untampered creative freedom.

  • You have shared the stage with legends like Method Man, KRS One or Talib Kweli…What’s your most memorable stage performance ?

I performed on a rooftop in Habana, Cuba. It was a beautiful night, the energy was high and it was an amazing night. 

  • Do you have any advice for the upcoming artists ?

Keep it real, stick to your guns, try to stay sober as possible and have fun. 

  • Where can people purchase your music and show support ?  

Most of my albums are on Bandcamp: www.mikefish.bandcamp.com I have a vinyl for my latest album Train Tracks at www.mikefishmusic.net



INSTAGRAM@mikefishmusic | TWITTER@fishdaddylover 

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