#MixtapeAddict | Interview w/ SHAWN MICS

We took some time to sit down with rapper Shawn Mics, originally from New England, USA for an exclusive « Mixtape Addict » interview. As the true boom-bap representer that he is, it was only right to ask him the infamous « Mixtape Addict » questions !

Shawn Mics

Who is your all time favorite DJ ?

My favorite DJ has to be Premier, he’s been apart of so many amazing pieces of work for decades upon decades. He is the definition of greatness.

What do you think about the return of boom bap with artists like Conway or Benny ? Do you think this genre will stay forever ?

I feel this genre has been here forever already, but those cats are doing it while having major deals which is dope. You don’t see too much of it in that area of hip hop but they’re killing it. And have my support 100% .

If you could stay a weekend in the studio to get a EP done with a producer, who would you pick ?

I’d have to go with Preem again, he has that sound that I’ve gravitated towards my whole life. If not Premier then I’d go with Statik Selektah we are from the same area and he also has that sound while making excellent projects with rappers all the time. 

DJ Premier & Statik Selektah

If you had 3 words to define your music, what would you say ? And why ?

Growing , Harsh and Articulate

I say these words because I’m constantly growing as a rapper. And what I say maybe be harsh or go into some harsher topics while I rap. And I feel I articulate myself pretty well so what I say can’t be misconstrued or taken too far out context and If it does they clearly were not listening.

What’s your most memorable stage performance ? 

The first time I ever headlined in my city, I had an hour long set and I practiced and finally got it down. I woke up the morning of sick as a fucking dog with the flu. I muscled through it though and I still got a great reaction. I think I slept for 20 hours after that one haha. 

What’s your favorite platform to promote your music ? And why ?

My favorite platform is probably Instagram. I feel like Facebook destroys artists reach with the algorithms so they’re forced to pay for there promotion.

What are you working on right now ? Anything dropping soon ?

I have an EP dropping March 25th called Precursor Volume 1: The Lost Scrolls. I have a couple more projects in the works I hope I to get released through my new label I launched this year Mass Made Media LLC.

Do you have any advice for the upcoming artists ?

Just keep working everybody starts at ground zero. Some people have something happen career wise early for them but some people don’t and don’t even realize they could be one song away from changing their lives forever. 

Where can people purchase your music and show support ?

You can find my music on all streaming services and all new releases you can find on my website. You locate everything at my link tree : https://linktr.ee/Shawnmics

Thanks for your time Shawn Mics !

Thank you for having me it’s much appreciated !

INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/shawnmicsofficial_/

FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/shawnmics/

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